Los Angeles is considered a fantasy city by many; however, it is very much a physical city as well. This is a film, plastic surgery, starlets and beach body mecca. It is also known for its numerous traffic issues. With over 467 square miles covering five counties, the question remains. What is the best way to see and do as much as possible while visiting Los Angeles?

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to explore all of Los Angeles unless you plan to stay there for an extended period of time. The good news is that there are some places and activities you cannot skip while you are in the area. It does not matter whether you fit all of these absolutes into one trip or several, you will certainly enjoy every one of them.


This is an attraction to continues to be a fan favorite of children of all ages. Also known as ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’, a trip here could be romantic, enchanting, nostalgic or exciting depending on how old you are.

Once you are outside of the theme parks, you can visit Downtown Disney. There are a variety of bars, restaurants and clubs that are suitable for children of all ages.

The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

One of the most popular and iconic tourist attractions in the world, the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre was first opened in the mid-1920s. After the premiere of ‘King of Kings’, the theatre became the go-to place for celebrities to imprint their hands and feet into the cement around the theatre.

In fact, this tradition was actually an accident. Actress, Norma Talmadge was the first celebrity to put her footprint in the cement.

Since then, over 160 celebrities have contributed to this Hollywood attraction. One of the most unique prints are the hooves from Trigger the horse. This is not to be confused with the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame that over 1500 celebrities have contributed to.

Hollywood Heights

A short drive along Mulholland Drive will take you into the heights of Hollywood. It is from here you can see an excellent view of the entire city. Do take the time to visit the Getty Center. This is an artist haven that dominates Los Angeles north of Santa Monica.

Or, you can visit the LA County Museum of Art. This is a prominent and well recognized attraction along Wilshire Boulevard.

Venice Beach

This area is popular for its boardwalk. This is the place to be if you are looking for indie music artists, street artists, sellers and skateboarders. If you want to see the youth culture of LA up close, you will not be disappointed.


Venice Beach is not the only beach you can visit while you are visiting Los Angeles. Malibu Beach, with its whiter, trendier and more expensive sand, is only a few miles north of the city. This is an elegant beach that is frequented by celebrities.

However, if you prefer a beach that is more eccentric and artsy, the above-mentioned Venice Beach is your best choice. A vacation to Los Angeles can be fun for the entire family. Do research to find the best deals in lodging, transportation and other amenities.

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