Fire Damage Repair


No homeowner wants to experience fire damage. Unfortunately, it is a problem that is more common than you might think. That is why it is important to keep the number of a professional restoration service handy. America’s Restoration Pros is such a company and we have handled countless homes that have suffered fire damage throughout the country. Here is a closer look at a general fire damage repair process.

A Closer Look At The Process

Step one is to pick up the phone and contact one of our representatives at America’s Restoration Pros because once the fire has disappeared, the real work begins.

We will handle your call immediately and send out a crew as soon as possible to visit your home and make the initial assessment. It is important that you react quickly after dealing with a fire and ensuring everyone is safe.

After receiving the call we will schedule an appointment to visit the home and survey the damage. One of our technicians will arrive at the house and survey the overall level of fire and smoke damage. The restoration process will begin very shortly afterward.

The first phase of the restoration process is often the removal of smoke damage. Though it may seem further down the list in terms of importance, the odors from smoke can linger long after the restoration process is completed. By removing the smoke damage first the odor has more time to disappear while the fire damage is being repaired. Windows may need to be boarded during this step to prevent additional property damage.

In some cases, there will be one step that comes before the smoke damage removal. That step is water removal and drying. This step only takes place if the fire was accompanied by water damage.

This is sometimes the case in severe accidents following natural disasters. Water must be completely removed before the technicians can work safely in the home. It also prevents the growth of mold.

After water and smoke damage has been removed it is time for general cleaning and sanitizing. All of the items and surfaces in the home that can be salvaged will be cleaned and sanitized.

We utilize several different efficient cleaning techniques to restore items to their original condition and to remove those lingering odors.

The use of high-quality, commercial grade machinery makes the cleaning process much easier. We also have industrial foggers and air scrubbers if the job requires them. Once everything is cleaned and sanitized it is time to start restoring the home itself.

A typical restoration process may only require small repairs or it may require a much larger work effort. The depth of the restoration process is usually outlined following the initial survey and assessment of the home.

It may require reconstruction of rooms, the replacement of walls or drywall, repainting of rooms, or placing new carpet. The goal is to return the home to its condition before the fire occurred.

We serve in and around: Los Angeles, San Diego, Lemon Grove, Fresno, Santa Ana, Riverside, San Bernardino, Moreno Valley, Rancho Cucamonga, Long Beach, San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento, Temecula and most of California.

Once the restoration is completed you may want to purchase some new furniture or items to replace any that were beyond repair. Your home may wind up looking even better than it did before. Call America’s Restoration Pros today!